Why you should adopt a family. Porque debes adoptar una familia

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Technical difficulties/Dificultades tecnicas

UDATE AS OF 10/26/17 We are again able to use . We  thank the people at Yahoo for reconnecting our account in such a timely manner! THANK YOU! ************************************************ We are experiencing technical difficulties with our email. Please send your messages today to our Facebook inbox or to  . Thank you! ___________________... Continue Reading →

Voluntourism /Volunturismo

Many people are wondering if they can make it back to Puerto Rico, Culebra and Vieques to “vacation” soon. I read about it a lot in the forums. They may have already booked a trip to the islands, or are considering it. Why not then make the next visit one of Voluntourism? Voluntourism has been... Continue Reading →

Faith in our future/Esperanza en nuestro futuro

This is what its all about. These were our “first responders”. A Pre-kinder group out of Portland, Oregon were the first group to respond in our Adopt a Family PR initiative. I can’t deny I cried. I cried, because it gave me faith in our future generations, in the empathy we can instill in children,... Continue Reading →

Expired articles ~ Articulos expirados

Come on... Put yourself in the place of the survivors of not one but two hurricanes back to back. Would you like to receive expired water, expired food? This is exactly what was delivered to people in Arecibo a few days ago. This water expired in 2014. I think it is sinful and unthoughtful to do something... Continue Reading →

Preparing packages with care ~ Preparando paquetes con cuidado

Uh oh! Great intentions are not enough! We want to send families packages, but we must be extremely careful when we pack them. A few suggestions for preparing your packages to aid the people of Puerto Rico: 1- Add extra tape to bottom of box for sturdiness. 2- Line the box with a plastic bag and... Continue Reading →

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